Every class provided at New Harvest aims to facilitate your spiritual growth, deepen your understanding of God's teachings, and support your journey as an engaged volunteer within the community. Classes at New Harvest follow a rotating schedule, with some currently in session while others are on break. Please keep checking back for regular updates as schedules may change frequently.

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Inductive Bible Study

This is a required class for any servant who will be teaching in any capacity.

Disclaimer: Workbooks for this class are $10, if you register and make the $10 payment, the book will be yours to keep and books are non-refundable.

What is Inductive Bible Study? ​

The Inductive Bible Study teaches accurate observation of biblical passages, clarifies scriptures and helps God's Word come alive. Learning and developing biblical studies by using an effective system of observation, interpretation, and application. You will learn to create simple outlines for books of the Bible, and understand how to interpret scriptures for easier learning and teaching.

What to expect from the course:

The inductive training system teaches how accurate observation of a text clarifies the Scriptures and makes the Word come alive! How to develop study tools for effective interpretation and application. How to make simple outlines of entire books of the Bible for easier learning and teaching. How to chart a text once it is outlined to further break text apart and see its depth. How to teach the Bible in a way that others can follow.

New Believers Class

We are excited to be offering a 4 Week New Believer's class for those who have recently accepted Christ.

It is crucial to study the Bible from the beginning to establish a solid foundation in faith. This class provides guidance and support from experienced Christian leaders to help new believers gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and develop a stronger relationship with God. We encourage new believers to join our class and start studying God's word to grow as followers of Christ.

On being a servant of god

**This class is required for each and every volunteer or staff member of Calvary Chapel New Harvest. If you have been serving but still haven't attended the class, make sure you sign up at the front desk as quickly as you can.

It's easy to lose sight of the core reason and purpose of ministry. Needs surround us and can overwhelm us to the point that the urgent seems to crowd out the important. In those moments — indeed, in every moment — we need to be reminded of what we're doing and why.

Books are available in the Heavenbound Book store located inside our cafe or you can download a digital copy here

Download Your Copy

Foundations in faith

You will need to acquire your own copy of the book "Know What You Believe" for this class. The Heavenbound bookstore has these available upon request. You can also purchase your own digital copy if that works better for you. 

Financial Peace

Financial Peace University is the nine-lesson course that teaches you the step-by-step plan to win with money and gives you all the tools you need to work it.

Access to the digital workbook is required for this class.


Why read the Old Testament? It is a part of God’s inspired Word. Learn how to see Jesus in the
pages of the Old Testament. In twelve video sessions, we explore Genesis to Malachi. From the
creation through Abraham, the patriarchs, and King David to the Exile of the nation of Israel, we
learn God’s plan to bring a Redeemer to all mankind.