Worship Ministry Questionnaire

Please ensure that you've already filled out and submitted a regular servant/volunteer application (either online or a paper copy available by the reception desk). You may fill out this application but we strongly recommend that the servant/volunteer interview process has been completed first. Thanks!

Please fill out the following information (we respect your privacy, no information will be shared).


Don't worry we won't tell anyone!

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Please fill out the following information concisely. 

When sharing about musical experience:  Please let us know if you've served on other worship teams, to what capacity and if we're able to communicate with those team's leaders?

What service time do you attend?*

If you attend Sunday and Wednesday please check both!

What instrument are you auditioning for?

Please let us know which instrument is your strong suit. You can choose multiple items if this applies.

Which of these do you have experience with?

Please check all that apply.

We do not have IEM's, Tablets or Instruments to share in house. We recommend having your own equipment for use on the worship team. 

Do you have your own working gear?

Instruments, tablet, IEM, etc.

Please let us know of your availability and of any other areas of ministry that interest you (if any)?

When are you able to serve?

Please let us know what days/events your able to serve.

Example: I also like children's ministry or the coffee shop or ushers.

Are you currently serving in any other NH ministries?

If you have a clip of you singing and/or playing an instrument, please have it available on a USB flash drive to be viewed by the worship leader.

How would you like to audition for the team?*

We are excited that you have chose to use your gifts to serve The Lord! After submitting this application we will contact you to set up an in-person audition and/or to inform you how to go about submitting a video audition. Again, if you haven't already gone through the Servant/Volunteer Interview Process please remember to pick up an application, fill it out and drop it off at the reception desk or fill one out online. God bless you!