Translating God's Word for a new generation

Current Series


Men's Conference 2018

2018 Men's Conference: Pastors David Maestas, Leonard Apodaca of Inspire Albuquerque and Jason David of Sunshine Church of Belen, NM. "Rebuilding the Wall" Studies in Nehemiah.


Pastor David takes us through Paul's letter to young Titus. Be challenged and encouraged as we dive into the pages of this epistle.

Sharing Hearts Women's Ministry

This new series includes some of the teachings of our Women's Ministry. Ladies, you will gain excellent insight and perspective in being an intimate follower of Jesus!

1 Timothy

In this series Pastor David explores the charge Paul gives to young Timothy. His exhortations are applicable to us all as we'll encounter many challenging topics along the way. 


Bridging the gap between Old and New Testaments is one of the central themes of this book. Powerful messages preached by Senior Pastor David Maestas.