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The wily thoughts of man. 

The wily thoughts of man. 

 “He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole that he has made.” Psalm 7:15

Psalm 7 was written by David concerning the words of Cush, a Benjaminite. We don’t know exactly who Cush the Benjaminite was but he is likely a figure close to Saul and his throne. From what we can tell Cush the Benjaminite accused David of wrong doing and/or treason against the throne. But we know from reading about the life of David throughout 1 and 2 Samuel we see no such thing. As a matter of fact we see the opposite. David respected Saul as king. David had two chances to kill Saul but spared his life once in 1 Samuel  24, and a second time in 1 Samuel 26. David even wept after hearing news of Saul’s death, and killed the man who put Saul out of his misery. (2 Samuel 1) So an accusation that David was against Saul hurt him deeply.  Have you ever been falsely accused? Has someone sought to tarnish your reputation or throw you under the bus knowing in your heart and mind you are innocent? Take heart. God knows you’re innocent too! Here in Psalm 7 we find the Lord saves the upright in heart. As for the unrepentant man; his wickedness comes back to bite him. His thoughts are so clever and smart thinking he will get away with injustice. He’s like Wile E. Coyote. Anytime he sets a trap for the Road Runner he gets snared by it. We might not see justice instantly. We might not see it even in our life time. Even so this Psalm assures us of the Lord’s salvation for those who turn to him and the appointed judgment for those who plot there wily plans against his beloved children.


-Mike Miller CCNH