New Harvest Volunteer Application (Servant's App)

At the conclusion of this application process we ask that you please read, understand and agree with our statement on "What We Believe". We recommend that you first to go to the  "About Us" area on our main page and click on "What We Believe" so you can view this section! Thanks!

We respect your privacy! Your information will not be shared. Please note however, that anyone who wishes to serve at Calvary Chapel New Harvest is required to undergo a background check.


Don't worry we won't tell anyone!

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  • I understand that I represent Jesus Christ and Calvary Chapel New Harvest (CCNH from here on out) in any and all ministry involvement while here at CCNH.
  • I understand that I must complete a ministry interview BEFORE I start serving and that serving in any ministry at CCNH will need to fulfill certain requirements within a reasonable timeframe (Bible Basics/Doctrine Evaluation, Required Classes, Criminal Background Check, and additional Training (according to ministry).
  • Should it become necessary during my ministry service at CCNH, I am prepared to remove myself if I am dealing with an active unrepentant sin in my life that could undermine my witness as a follower of Jesus Christ and/or damage the church or ministry's (CCNH) reputation.
Please check below that you have read, understand and believe the section "What we believe" on our homepage.*

You can find this section under "About Us" and click on "What we believe".

You will be contacted shortly. God bless you!